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How do we save you money and avoid the headaches when buying a home?


By appraising potential properties to ensure you’re not paying too much


By negotiating on your behalf and getting you the absolute best deal possible


By providing expert advice and helping you through each and every step


Best of all our services won’t cost
you a cent

A 5 Minute Phone Call Could Save You Thousands!
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Why Not Just Buy A Property On Your Own?


Avoid Overpaying

Make sure you’re getting the best deal possible and not paying too much. We will save you potentially tens of thousands of dollars.


Reduced Risk

When making your biggest investments, it is critical to have expert advice and make the right choice. With a buyers agent you know you are getting the best advice specifically for you and won’t be mislead.


Best Interests

Selling agents are always trying to get maximum price for the vendor. Buyers agents work exclusively for you – the buyer – and have no hidden agendas or loyalties to any other agencies or vendors.



Accelerate getting into your property by having a dedicated expert buyers agent working for you.


Reduced Stress

Buying a home should be a happy and exciting time but can often be quite daunting. We take the weight off your shoulders and give you a helping hand so you can enjoy the process.

How Buyer's Agents Work


We gain an understanding of your requirements and shortlist potential properties that are on the market including those listed with other agencies.


We view these properties with you and provide expert advice to help you find the perfect property.


We then appraise the property to determine what you should be paying in the current market.


We are expert negotiators and negotiate the price and other sales terms with the selling agent on your behalf however still act under your strict instructions.


Best of all this is a 100% free service to you as we negotiate a share of the normal commission from the selling agent.

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About Avved

There has been a massive shift in the way business is conducted globally. This shift has revolutionised industries and has been driven by the rapid advances in technology which has had a big effect on our daily lives. While industries like holiday accommodation, music and the taxi industry are vastly different than they were 10 years ago, real estate has had limited change.

At Avved, we are making real estate modern by utilising the lessons and techniques used from leading global companies. While we set ourselves apart within the real estate industry, we are still not forgetting the fundamentals of business and use innovative strategies to only enhance the ability for us to reach our clients goals.

If you like modern technology, enjoy being different and want to try a non-traditional approach to maximise the sale of your property then we are the agency for you.

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